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Grosio (mt. 656)

"A maze of valleys, the crags, the toll lanes, of woods, meadows, topped by glaciers and peaks superb."
The beautiful and solitary Val Grosina is described by the "Guide to the Valtellina" of Cai was 1873 and today, thanks to the jealousy that Grosina have this idyllic valley, the description is still valid.
Stop in time and always beautiful valley is still there waiting to be covered, always with modesty.
And the traditions are still alive in the country of Grosio: just go in its small way to feel even the smell of hay, which comes from the stables.
A country that has kept alive the history of costume, yet on Sunday led by the women to go to Mass and present in all events through the Folklore Group "Tradition."
Grosso is an important center for the presence of the stone carvings Park, where over the Antiquarium, trove of archaeological treasures of considerable importance is the presence of Rupe Magna which are clearly visible images "-cuppelliformi symbolic and anthropomorphic representations related.
Nearby, the grandeur of the past is remembered by the remains of the Castle of San Faustino and Visconti Venosta.
'500 Visconti Venosta Villa in the center of the country, enriched by the presence of the Church of San Giorgio, the eleventh century but remodeled starting in 1480 and in the seventeenth century (a good example, however, Gothic fifteenth).
The house of the great sixteenth-century painter Cyprian Valorsa.